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Daron Burroughs

Name: Daron BurroughsNickname: BedtimeAge: 21Record: 4-0Hometown: Owensboro kyGym: Iron edgeStyle: Muy Thai and BJJHow Long have you been apart of MMA: been training since I was 13 but only fought...

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Ryan Santana

Name: Ryan SantanaNickname: NAAge: 23Record: 4-1Hometown: Leipsic, OhioGym: Demolition Fight TeamStyle: FreestyleHow Long have you been apart of MMA: 2 yearsWhat got you started in this Sport: Like...

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Huss Trowery

Name: Huss Trowery Nickname: Age: Record: Hometown: Gym: Style: How Long have you been apart of MMA: What got you started in this Sport: Favorite Fighter: Whats your goals in this sport: One thing...

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Shadi Gharfeh

Name: Shadi Gharfeh Nickname: Face BreakerAge: 25Record: 2-4Hometown: from Jerusalem Israel living in Columbus Ohio Gym: Old School GymStyle: karate / bjj/ hapkido / boxing / kick boxing How Long...

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Marcus Keuchler

Name: Marcus Keuchler Nickname: Age: Record: Hometown: Gym: Style: How Long have you been apart of MMA: What got you started in this Sport: Favorite Fighter: Whats your goals in this sport: One...

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Iron Tiger 86 – 3/1/19

Columbus, Ohio

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Iron Tiger Fight Series Logo

The Leader In Ohio MMA

Founded by Scott Sheeley, Iron Tiger Fight Series currently hosts approximately ten MMA promotions per year in various cities throughout the Ohio region including Akron, Columbus, and Bellefontaine. Since launching its inaugural event, IT Fight Series has promoted more than a dozen fighters who went on to compete at the highest level of professional MMA competition with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator and other premier promotions. Iron Tiger has carved out their role in the Midwest as an elite promotion that showcases the very best fighters in the region with each event.

Our Team

Scott Sheeley


IT Fight Series founder Scott Sheeley is a martial arts pioneer that has managed to make an impression on the sport of MMA long after his days of competing. A laid-back Midwestern man born and raised in Ohio, Sheeley has been training martial arts since the age of 19. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Shaolin Kung-Fu a blue belt in Shuai Chiao, and a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu. Sheeley is a former pro kickboxer with a record of 39-10 and an actor with extensive roles in martial arts movies such as “Blizhniy Boy” and “Knockout.”
As a promotor, Sheeley has managed over 70 events in the Midwest region, and currently operates as the general manager of the Ohio-based promotion Iron Tiger Fight Series. He has provided a platform to fighters in his home region for several years, and has sent fighters like Matt “The Immortal” Brown and Dan “Dragon” Spohn to the highest level of competition in MMA following impressive outings in Scott Sheeley-run promotions.

Aaron Garrett

Iron Tiger matchmaker Aaron Garrett is an integral part of the promotion, and the driving forced behind the great fight cards that Iron Tiger puts on for its fans. Aaron started with Iron Tiger Fight Series back in 2011 and has played many roles in the company. With over 70 fights with the company and helping hundreds of fighters improve their career and move on to the next level.  If you want on one of these great cards he is the person to talk to.

Emily Kulhman

Looking to be apart of the biggest MMA promotion by sponsorship. Contact Emily for more details.